Frequently Asked Questions

They're not really that frequent tbh.

  • In short, Snoozz is a web extension (that you can install for Chrome and Firefox) that lets you declutter your tab browser. You can "snooze" tabs and windows, and select a time to wake them up later when you might actually want to use them.

    Snoozz lets you remove tabs that you don't need now, but might need again tomorrow morning, or maybe on friday before you log off for the weekend.

  • Snoozz will help you organise your tabs and your time better, without you having to remember a huge list of tasks you still need to do.

    Browsers with a lot of tabs open eat up your RAM very quickly, and while they are improving power management, it will not help you remove the number of tabs you have open.

  • The beauty of this extension is that it is designed for everyone. From programmers with 50+ tabs open, to business analysts needing to prioritise their time, and even to older users who don't even know what web extensions are.

    Here are some simple use cases where Snoozz could help you:

    • You need to clock in and clock out of work everyday using a website which you can Snoozz to open up automatically every morning and evening.
    • You're on Twitter looking for a tweet. Scrolling down your timeline, you see Beiber eating a burrito sideways. Obviously you want to see whats up with that, but you don't have time right now so you can just right click and Snoozz it to open on the weekend.
    • You want to spend the weekend watching Netflix and researching didgeridoos on Wikipedia, not see the 20+ tabs of work tabs you have open because you need them for later. Snoozz your work tabs on Friday, and they will open for you automatically on Monday morning.
  • This isn't some super unique idea that didn't exist before 2020. What makes Snoozz stand out is the execution.

    Speed Lightning quick - Snooze tabs in just two clicks. I want you to spend as little time as possible with the Snoozz popup open.
    Size Completely open-source and extremely lightweight - just under 125KB
    Privacy Doesn't track any of your personal data at all.
    Input Methods Keyboard Shortcuts and Right Click menus to snooze tabs even faster.
    Active Development Most of the other snooze extensions have been abandoned and don't support the latest and fastest browser APIs.
    Dark Mode Try to go find another snooze extension that has this
    Search Your Snoozz history is saved offline. You can search through it, snooze tabs again, edit snooze times and see tabs waking up soon.
    Accessibility Almost all Snoozz features are usable using just your keyboard. You can tab almost everything.
    Customisation Tons of knobs and switches to fine tune the extension to the way you want it to be. 24 hour time, starting day of the week, misanthropic icon packs - we have all of this and more.
  • Snoozz is available on any browser that supports WebExtensions.

    If you know what you're doing and want to install the extension manually, download the latest release from github.

    If you're using a laptop / desktop / tablet that can run full desktop version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge (and Safari kinda). Snoozz is not available on any mobile devices unfortunately (including iPads).

  • I like Safari a lot, but Apple are crippling it by refusing to support basic WebExtension APIs like Notifications and Keyboard Shortcuts.

    Snoozz is a free open source web extension. Unless someone is willing to pay an annual $100 Developer fee to Apple for me, I will not be able to publish Snoozz in the App Store. Dont understand why I need to bundle my 125kb extension into an MacOS app through Xcode and publish it to make it available to all users, when I can just drag and drop a zip file in other browsers like Chrome and Firefox to do the same thing.

    If you know what you're doing, you can install Snoozz as an unsigned extension for Safari, but I cannot guarantee that all the features will work. Also it will be removed every time you close Safari. Nothing I can do about it.

  • If you installed Snoozz through the Chrome Web Store or the Mozilla Add-on Store, Snoozz will update automatically when a new version is released.

    If you installed Snoozz manually, you can download the latest release from Github and install it in your browser.

  • Please let me know which extension you are using and I try to make it possible to import data from that extension into Snoozz.

    Snoozz supports importing and exporting of data, but it is limited at the moment.

  • Snoozz only collects any tiny amount of completely anonymous click data. Less than 1kb of data (the choice and time you selected) is transmitted every time you snooze/edit something. That's it. No other data is collected at all. This data will be used to improve Snoozz in the future. For full transparency, all data collected by Snoozz is visualised on the Stats Page. In fact, the server which the data is transmitted to is also 100% open source. You can (but please don't) turn this off on the settings page. The extension is designed to work 100% offline if you don't trust the settings page.

    If you know what you're doing, you can inspect the requests made in the Networks tab in your browser inspector and see that only ~10-15 characters are transmitted on every snooze.

    Feel free to ready more on the Privacy page or browse through the source code yourself to make sure no funny business is going on.

  • Before you ask - I am already working on recurring snooze times, and using snoozz across multiple devices.

    Snoozz is in active development and I'm constantly adding new bells and whistles. You can view the features/bugs being worked on Github, and request a new feature there too.

  • You can submit a bug report on Github, or if you don't have an account you can email me directly. It would be very helpful if you could include system details like OS (Windows/Mac), browser + version, and any screenshots too.

  • They were all designed by much more talented artists than me. I just opened Photoshop and changed the colours to what I wanted them to be. You can view the names of all the artists on the Attribution page.