Some browsers suck more than others.

Feature Chrome/Edge Firefox Safari
Snooze Tabs
Snooze Windows
Snooze Selected Tabs
Snooze links using a context menu
Snooze tabs using a context menu
Disable invalid times dynamically
Display icons next to snooze times
Keyboard Shortcuts
Snooze tabs using keyboard shortcuts
Open Snoozz using keyboard shortcuts
Use the popup to select a time to to snooze tabs/windows
Disable options when tabs or windows cannot be snoozed
Use a date and time picker to select custom snooze times
Nap Room
View your sleeping and woken up tabs
Edit wake up times for sleeping tabs
Wake up tabs manually or delete them from your history
Fuzzy search your tabs by name, url, date, time, sleep state
Show currently used keyboard shortcuts
Dark Mode
Export and Import your data
Save the name, url and icon for each sleepy tab
Save the `pinned` state for a tab
Preserve the order of tabs when snoozing a window
Waking Up
Wake up tabs when the browser is already open
Wake up tabs when the browser is launched
Wake up tabs when computer comes back from standby
Show notifications when tabs/windows wake up automatically
Show notifications when snoozing using the context menu
Show notifications when snoozing using keyboard shortcuts