May 2022

New Theme - Hats

Notification Sounds

Incognito / Private Browser Support

Local File Support (Blink browsers only)


October 2021

Recurring Snooze Times

Duplicate Sleeping Tabs

Selected Tabs grouped together

Keyboard Shortcuts in the Popup

Hide sections in the Nap Room

Snooze other extension / add-on pages

"System" option for selecting a dark/light theme


June 2021

Start tracking snooze times. Will be available soon on the Stats page


June 2021

New Settings: Choose which day the week starts on

Fix firefox context menu colours

Fix keybindings + keyboard navigation in the popup (inlcuding new morning/evening/now dropdowns)


June 2021

Use minutes in your preset "morning" and "evening" times

Choose Morning/Evening/Current Time directly from the popup

Update Animal Icons to be more consistent

Wait for a network connection before waking up tabs after your computer wakes up


June 2021

Collect anonymous click data

New settings: enable and disable Notifications/Analytics

Stop saving favicons and fetch from DuckDuckGo (previously Google)

Reduce overall file size

Lots of Safari fixes and a new easier Safari build script


May 2021

Minor bug fixes


May 2021

Introducing Icon Themes - Starting with a shiny new Animal theme. Change your theme on the Settings page.

Setting to choose between 12 Hour / 24 Hour time formats

Open links from the Nap Room without waking up a tab

Bug fixes on the Rise & Shine / Nap Room pages


May 2021

Show number of search results in the Nap Room

Miscellaneous ui related fixes


May 2021

Edit Snoozz times for sleeping tabs 🎉

Snooze Again for awoken tabs

New Date and Time picker for custom snooze time selection

Snooze selected tabs (and a new UI for selecting snooze targets)

New options: "One Hour From Now" and "On Next Startup"

Export and Smart Import tabs to use across different devices (No duplicates, the most recently updated tab will be saved to your device)


Jan 2021

Make entire extension keyboard navigable

Improve dashboard performance

Change notification click actions

v2.3.2.1 and

Nov 2020

Critical bug hotfixes released within 24 hours of 2.3.2


Nov 2020

Multiple tabs/windows waking up bug fix 🤞

Confirmation when changing history setting


Nov 2020

Dark mode 🌚

Visualise available storage on the settings page

Add option to select time as "now" for [monday, weekend, next-week, next-month]

Webkit specific changes for Safari compatibility (Individual builds required [See here]. Not available on App Store)


Oct 2020

First release on Microsoft Edge 🎉

Add Search to the Dashboard [urls | titles | snooze date | wake up date | day of week | month | relative time | snoozz state]

Add live clock css/js animation to the Dashboard when no tabs are found.

Onboarding instructions UI on the Dashboard (shown when no tabs in storage).

Change copy on settings page to make easier to comprehend.

Tabs opening twice and other misc bug fixes.

Firefox popup "choose your own time" style changes.


Oct 2020

Keyboard Shortcuts

Add setting to change default time for [monday, weekend, next-week, next-month] from morning to evening

Bug fixes, minor UI adjustments


Oct 2020

Change the Snoozz logo font (Slightly modified version of Bungee by David Jonathan Ross)

Make use of the Idle API for more reliable waking up of tabs and windows

Allow UI animation when closing a popup to be customised in the settings menu

Show snoozz contextmenu when clicking on a tab in the tab bar (FF only)

Show icons in contextmenu and disable icons that are invalid (FF only)

Restructure files in repository


Sep 2020

Fix trailing span on the rise and shine page


Sep 2020

Firefox Specific Changes

Make setting/getting options more secure and efficient


Sep 2020

Major rewrite of almost the entire codebase

Ability to snooze entire windows

Transition from native JS dates to the lightweight Day.js library.

Context menu snoozing

Support for pinned tabs

Make the choices in the popup modular so they can be used for editing UI in the future

More reliable history purging

Ability to manually wake up a tab at any time.

Convert all settings into select menus for better reliability


Aug 2020

Add right click option for snoozing

Change unknown tab icon

Fix history not clearing on dashboard


Jul 2020

Merge firefox and chrome codebases into one


Jul 2020

Migrate extension to firefox

Refresh dashboard in background if any tabs are snoozed / woken up


Jul 2020

Prevent multiple instances of settings/dashboard page from being open in one window


Jul 2020

Add ability to change (or disable) the number icon on the toolbar


Jul 2020

Fix notification bug when reopening tab


Jul 2020

Fix option to change history deletion duration


Jul 2020

Fix error on startup with no settings initialized in local storage