A WebExtension to put tabs to sleep,
and automatically wake them up later.

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This Tab Window Selection
An Icon for This Tab An Icon for This Window An Icon for Selected Tabs

Snooze Anything

There's no limits on what you can snooze.

Recurring Snoozes

Reopen tabs at fixed intervals.
No need to bookmark any timesheets.

Nap Room

View and edit your Snoozz history.
No tab left behind.

Context Menus

Right click ⤑ Snooze.
Doesn't get easier than that

Keyboard Shortcuts

Set up your own key combos.

Open Source

Nothing dodgy going on here.
See for yourself.

Blazing Fast

The entire extension is ~130kb, about half the size of this snail.

Dark Mode

The coolest kids use dark mode.


Pixel-perfect curated icon packs to mix things up.

Works Offline

No internet? No problem.
Your tabs will still wake up later.

More to come...

Lots of features lined up for 2022 and beyond

A total of 4,50,000 tabs snoozed since mid 2021.